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Owner, Managing Director


Due to globalization in our Economy recently, there has been a tremendous structural & RCC phenomenal change along with major changes in the country. Presently there has been anurge for Development & Modernizing the country in order to meet the tremendous pressure on our country to make ourselves comparable to the Developed Countries at large & also due to high expectation from our Quality Conscious People.

In order to meet the said expectations, we at “TECHNO REPIAR CONSTRUCTION” mobilized & geared up all our available resources to face the vagaries to make a match of the growing demands and challenges, so that a blue print can be converted into the reality for the proud owners of the Building.

Expectations from Quality Conscious clients has increased the awareness of the contractor in the field of Contructions, to such an extent every passing we met at “TECHNO REPAIR CONSTRUCTION” explore new vistas to upgrade ourselves for a time bound project along with increased level of accountability.


Every facts of the Dream Project is intensively & carefully evaluated, best one selected, assessed & reviewed at “TECHNO REPAIR CONSTRUCTION” set time frame.

vis-a-vis its viability, reliability & feasibility in a We pride ourselves as a dedicated group of enthusiastic people who continue to develop with the latest technology in the Construction Industry.


The Organization has an hierarchical group of enthusiastic people who continues to develop with the latest technology in the Construction Industry.

The Organization has an hierarchical business down the line with the owner, staff, Employee’s of the organization having an immense experience in the construction industry with an ALL INDIA based & exposure’s which very few in the field can match.



Owner, Managing Director


Owner, Managing Director


TECHNO REPAIR CONSTRUCTION is a Proprietary Concern owned by Mr. Mushtaq Fakir Panirwala.

Techno Repair Construction has its registered office situated at –
7/D, Ground Floor, Bilimoria House, Proctor Road, Grant Road, Mumbai 400 007.

The above concern was established in 2005 & has been in construction field since
then. From the humble beginning in 1957, M/s.Panirwala Bros. Was founded by
Mr. Fakir Moosa Panirwala & was continued till 2005 by his six sons.

Sons of Mr. Fakir Moosa Panirwala

Later on in 1998 Mr. Mushtaq F. Panirwala & his other Brother commenced their
business independently & since then Mr.Mushtaq F. Panirwala named his concern as
“TECHNO REPAIR CONSTRUCTION” which is at your disposal for your kind perusal.

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